«Statisticians are second-class mathematicians, third-rate scientists and fourth-rate thinkers. They are the hyenas, jackals and vultures of the scientific ecology: picking over the bones and carcasses of the game that the big cats, the biologists, the physicists and the chemists, have brought down.» - Stephen Senn

As my CV shows, I was on the trajectory of becoming a big cat but then fully embraced the life of a hyena. I am a research fellow at the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Zurich in the Applied Statistics group of Professor Reinhard Furrer. There, I try to develop benchmarks for good statistical practice in animal research in order to improve the reproducibility of animal studies.


  • Member of the Animal Research Commission of the Canton of Zurich: The commission assesses the scientific and ethical validity of animal research proposals of all animal experiments conducted in the canton of Zurich, predominantly from ETH Zürich and the University of Zurich.

Scientific Lectures and Talks

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Scientific Publications and Posters

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You can find my Github repositories here. Note that I am currently in the process of merging the different Github I created over the years, thereby overhauling the repositories worth keeping and clearing out others. As of now, only my current Master thesis project and a small pet project is visible, other repositories will become visible over time. In the meantime, share my delight for this CV I just created using pagedown!

  • Statistical Evidence and Publication Bias: My current Master thesis at EPFL.

  • Bad Stats: A (growing) collection of statistics done wrong (or rather: statistics done in a way that could be improved). Did you stumble across a good example for bad stats? Then send me an e-mail or send a pull request with quick explanation of why you believe it’s bad statistics.